Unity/C# – Sonic Boss Fight

This was a project that I worked on back in 2016 as a recreation of a similar boss fight against Sonic from the game “I wanna be the Boshy”. The game is a notoriously difficult platformer that involves a lot of trial and error to complete. I wanna be the Boshy features multiple incredibly difficult boss battles with one of those being a sonic boss fight.

I have always been heavily interested in making boss fights, and this one in particular caught my eye so I tried to recreate it within the Unity game engine.

I believe the project was my first attempt at a proper boss fight so it was quite a good learning experience for me. There is a lot I would change nowadays, mainly my scripts as during the time, I strangely thought spamming if statements was the way to go. At this point I barely knew what a Finite State Machine was.

The project was never finished in the end, with the first stage of boss fight only being completed and the second stage being in early development before I cancelled the project to work on other things and College work.

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