Peridot – Don’t Starve Together

Project Details

  • Project Status: Paused
  • Engine: N/A
  • Languages: Lua

I have been wanting to make this mod for a long time. Peridot is a character from a Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe, and I have been fond of the character and wanted to make a Don’t Starve mod featuring them since 2015. It was only recently with my new fondness for art (Which was the main obstacle that prevented me from making this mod all those years ago) that I had another go at the mod.

The idea behind the mod is she’ll be a fairly weak character who will rely on robots to help her in tasks such as harvesting resources and killing enemies. Ensuring that she keeps a lot of her powers from the Cartoon Network show is important, though making sure they’re not too game breaking is incredibly crucial.

Its often quite easy to over tweak a modded character and give them many abilities that ruin the flow of the game. You’ll often find this with a lot of modded characters who are considered incredibly overpowered. This was the case with my original Don’t Starve Character before I reworked them.

This is a main consideration I am taking into account with my design. For example: Will she be able to eat? In the Cartoon Network show, she doesn’t need to eat. But hunger is a important aspect of the game (It is called Don’t Starve after all). There is a lot to think about and I believe trying to find a midground between the show and game is best. Often looking at other characters within the game is great for inspiration.

As of currently though, I am just focused on keeping her fitting within the world by ensuring her art style fits.