Space Fighter

Project Details

  • Project Status: Complete
  • Engine: Unity
  • Languages: C#

This is likely the most polished (but still not perfect) project that I had worked on during my time at College. I originally started work on this project simply due to some cool assets that I had found on the Unity Asset Store and wanted to make a game using them. I decided on developing a simple space shooter, which a variety of enemies and power-ups that the player could use.

The game titled “Space Fighter” has 4 rounds that each introduce a new type of enemy. Each enemy has a different attack. as well as movement and health points. The end of round 4 has a small boss fight which is simply a tougher version of the type of enemies seen before.

It was my first attempt at working on a much bigger project then my usual ones with the goal of releasing the game within the future. The biggest issue with this however was that I failed to initially plan out my game and what exactly the purpose of it would be. I never had a goal for the game so it was simply a collection of game ideas that I thought seemed “cool” together.

Despite the flawed planning stage, the technical side of the game gave me a large amount of experience in both programming and working on much larger projects, and how best to develop them to provide a level of scalability for future additions to the game. At this time, the benefit of inheritance became known to me and proceeded to use it widely throughout the project for entities that share similar functionality such as the enemies that at a base level are required to move and target the player. It was also my first time implementing a entity manager system which was crucial for performance due to the number of enemies that appear each round.

If you would like to have a go, here is a link to the game: