About Me

Welcome to my Portfolio. I’m Adam Raybould, a Games Programmer and Designer who has a passion for games development and a strong desire to create content for the world to enjoy.

Who’s this Fella? Oh wait, Its me!

I’ve had a huge interest in games development since I was around 15, experimenting with different game ideas and often creating boss fights because who doesn’t love a good boss fight. I graduated from Staffordshire University back in 2021 with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Games Programming. Since then, I have been working at Sega.

I have a substantial amount of experience with C# and C++, as well as game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I have gained a wide range of experience over the years and am always willing and always am learning more by the day, if that be related to programming, design, or even other fields of games development such as art and music.

I am showcasing a few of my Personal and University projects which I’ve worked on over the years so I hope you enjoy. I just want to make it clear that I do not claim to own the majority of the assets used within my projects. I am a Programmer, not an Artist or Musician so especially for a lot of my older projects, I took a lot of assets from other games to allow me to show off my coding in an appealing way.

If you ever have any questions, then feel free to contact me through my Linkedin.

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