MonoGame/C# – Dwarf Miner (WIP)

The game which I am calling “Dwarf Miner” for now is something I have wanted to develop for many years though never have managed to find the time due to University. When I was younger, I was quite a fan of two games called Motherload and Miner Disturbance which had a large focus on mining resources and slowly progressing deeper into a cave in which you would find more valuable resources and possible secrets.

MotherLoad for Android - APK Download

Motherload had a focus on mining to gather a variety of resources that gave you points which you could spend on upgrades to improving things such as your drill, health, and speed. This would allow you to mine further down to eventually reach the bottom (Won’t spoil what is at the bottom). It was quite a simple flash game that I know a lot of people including myself loved from their childhood.

Miner Disturbance

Miner Disturbance was a more obscure game developed by Jagex, and took a similar approach with mining to gather a variety of resources that gave you points. The main difference was that you could not spend these points as they were just used to achieve a high score, and the player instead had a choice of specific upgrades to use before the game started. The game I would say was a little more interesting with there being a lot of hazards as you mined deeper such as gas, freezing waters, and even monsters.

I have for many years wanted to develop similar game of my own focused around this mining aspect to reach further underground. I believe there is potential for a modern digging game similar to both Motherload and Miner Disturbance to be successful, with reviews on the game Super Motherload (The Sequel to Motherload) showing that people are itching for a similar experience.

The game I have always believed was nothing more then a way to kill time, and so I want to develop a game that has a strong focus on being played in short bursts and possibly on the go through mobile devices. Something that made the original Motherload so enjoyable was its difficulty and sense of progress, so developing a game with a similar feel would be key.

As of currently, there is not much to report on in terms of progress as the game is still early in development. The game is being developed using C# with the MonoGame framework. In the beginning, a lot of focus was put into the game engine itself with a variety of systems needing to be developed that you often take for granted such as systems for collision, physics, levels, and even the scene hierarchy to handle all the entities within the game. An entity component system very similar to the one used within Unity was also implemented to allow for easier scalability.

None of the Assets used are final, and are simply placeholders
Some further changes to the game including Indicators of where you can mine

Outside of the engine itself, systems for the world generation were also important that needed to be able to generate seamless randomly generated terrain using perlin noise. The map is currently split into chunks that contain a total of 30×30 blocks each, with chunks outside of the view of the player being culled to save on performance. Mining functionality has also taken a focus now with the goal to implement the main features of the game first before anything else.

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