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This was a project that I worked on for the Search For a Star Competition that took place from December 2020 to January 2021 I believe. It was a game jam that had us developing a game based around a specific feature already provided. The provided feature given to us was a sort of dialogue system that would output text, and allow the player to pick choices to advance the conversation. I had never worked with a dialogue system before, and I thought working on a more story-driven game would be the best idea given their presence in other story-driven games.

At the time, I was heavily excited for the upcoming Elite Dangerous expansion: Odyssey that had just been announced. Cause of this, I wanted to develop something space related, which after many iterations eventually lead to a story about a guy being stranded in space due to their ship breaking down for unknown reasons (It was meant to be because of Aliens).

I was really excited to work on the game, but It did end up being a lot more work then I could handle within a single month. As you can likely tell from the video, there were a lot of issues, and sadly the game just was not as polished as I wanted it to be. Initially, I took this project as a chance to try out programming some shaders for the first time, developing what I think is a quite cool selection highlight shader that would highlight objects that were interactable:

This unfortunately caused a few issues when it came to building the game and due to the limited time I had left, I was unable to fix the issues in time so the shader had to be removed. As of now, the only shader in use within the game is the transparent hologram shader used by the sphere robot when it talks to you.

In honesty, I actually disliked this project a lot and never ended up submitting it cause I felt embarrassed by how bad I thought it was. Looking at it again after many months, I do not believe it was actually as bad as I thought it was. Still could of used some polish, but definitely not horrible!

If you would like to have a go, here is a link to the game: https://codel.itch.io/witch-space

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