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Eyeball Boss Fight (C++ – Unreal 4)

For an assignment to create a solo project within the Unreal Engine; I decided to recreate one of my old games that I developed within the Unity Engine a couple of years back.
The original game was an attempt at creating a boss fight featuring a floating eyeball, which is an aspect of games that is strangely very interesting to me (Used to often watch boss fights from games to figure out how they were done)

(Apologies for it being a bit buggy haha. I strangely remember it not being as buggy)

Around 3 years later and I decided to try recreating it within Unreal (Which I had never used much before until now) from a first-person perspective. I’d say it was a massive success! and far more polished than my original version though sadly I wasn’t able to add as many features due to time constraints.

A lot of it was programmed using C++ though Blueprints were also used a decent amount for simple functions and for the behavior tree which would often use Blueprints that called C++ functions.
This was my first time using C++ for Unreal, as well as my first time implementing cutscenes and a detailed behavior tree so I’d say the project went quite well!

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