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Space Shooter (C# – Unity)

I have worked on a couple of Unity projects through my time learning how to use the engine, though my biggest Unity project to date is a Space Shooter game I worked on over a period of around 3 months during the summer holiday.

The objective of the game was to get through multiple different waves of enemies and attempt to survive for as long as you can. Each wave would introduce a new type of enemy that would have different projectiles and move patterns.

These are the basic enemies that I pretty much finished and that’ll you’ll see in the gameplay footage below. These are not all the enemies though as I didn’t include bosses and a couple of other enemies that I was still working on at the time.

I ended this project after those 3 months as I found it was a little too big for me to keep working on when I had lots of other work to do at the same time. So I put it to the side to possibly continue working on it in the future.



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