Unreal 4 – Eyeball Boss

The video is muted due to the use of a few non-royalty assets that I had used at the time. The lighting also needs to be rebuilt, though I strangely had issues building it on newer versions of Unreal

During my second year of University, we had a module involving games development within the Unreal Engine. The first semester was mostly about getting introduced to the engine with a solo project being assigned to everyone without a specific theme. I ended up creating this boss fight.

The original idea came from a lost project that I worked on back in College which also featured a boss fight with a Eyeball, except that it was 2D and made within Unity. Neither project ended up finished in the end but this one was far more polished and something I’m actually quite proud of even to this day.

The project used a combination of C++ and Blueprints, but I tried to focus on using C++ whenever possible. Sometimes it was just a lot quicker to do something within blueprints, and even easier at times as well.

Sadly though, there isn’t a massive amount to the game itself with the only ending scene being the death scene for the player so you can’t really do anything except die in the end. The player fires simple projectiles but the boss has two phases that it switches between. One being a laser attack and the other being a projectile attack. The phase the boss is in can be determined by the current lighting in the area with red meaning laser, and blue meaning projectile

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