Unity – Space Fighter

This is likely the most polished (but still not perfect) project that I had worked on during my time at College. I originally started work on this project simply due to some cool assets that I had found on the Unity Asset Store and wanted to make a game using them. I decided on developing a simple space shooter, which a variety of enemies and power-ups that the player could use.

The game titled “Space Fighter” has 4 rounds that each introduce a new type of enemy. Each enemy has a different attack. as well as movement and health points. The end of round 4 has a small boss fight which is simply a tougher version of the type of enemies seen before.

This was a game I had actually planned to release in the future, but sadly never got around to it. In truth, the game was likely doomed from the start as I never did have a plan for it when developing it. Aside from the idea of different types of enemies and a round system, there wasn’t really much else to it.

This was my first experience with handling a big project so things got overwhelming pretty quickly. I eventually stopped working on the project due to focusing on College work, and not having as much enthusiasm for the game as I had when I originally started.

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