Lua – The Nightmare

This is a video from awhile back that someone did showing off my mod

This was a mod that I worked on back in 2015 for the game: Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together (A multiplayer version).

It was likely the first big project that I had worked on and something I’m still extremely proud of. I hadn’t updated it for quite a long time until recently where I decided to rework the entire mod due to a number of balancing issues, and a few bugs. It was a mod that became quite popular among the Don’t Starve modding community with a 5/5 star rating on the steam workshop.

Don’t Starve Together:

Don’t Starve is a survival game that features a bunch of different characters that the player can pick from who all have their own unique stats and abilities. This mod introduced a new character known as “The Nightmare”. A demon cat sort of creature that had a pet that would follow them around and assist them in fighting enemies.

He was pretty weak compared to a lot of the other characters so would need to rely on the pet to fight for him.
The Nightmare also had night vision and the ability to gain “Sanity” during the night which for other characters is something you lose during the nigh

The mod was written with Lua which is the primary language that Don’t Starve uses for game prefabs and other modifications, though the engine itself is written with C++.

Reflecting on the mod now after almost 6 years, the character was quite overpowered compared to other characters, and suffered from too many features in the end as I tried to over-expand him. The original release of the character mostly focused on the pet, but as soon as new features started getting added, the bugs started piling up.

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